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Utility Services

Procurement of Electricity & Gas Contracts

Our Service to procure new electricity and gas contracts covers the following: 

  • Procure all Electrical and Gas supply contracts ranging from 1 year up to 5 years

  • Fixed Rate Contracts which gives both cost / budget certainty

  • Removal of the volume tolerance, (depending on supplier)

  • Improved utility contracts and conditions with the removal of onerous clauses

  • Removal of deposit charges for large volume meters

  • Reduced standing charges


Corporate Energy and Renewables offer a complete one stop utility management service. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us to arrange a consultation meeting. 


We have vast experience in the procurement of the different types of contracts available on the market: 

  • Fixed Contracts

  • Pass Through Contracts

  • Basket

  • Variable contracts

  • Tracker contracts

With over 20 different energy suppliers offering commercial energy prices in today’s market, the task of negotiating with each of them to find the best deal is a daunting process. We have access to all the majority of these suppliers, so we can take away the headache of finding the best deal to suit your business.

We can negotiate a wide range of competitive rates and bespoke products for each customer.


Being independent, we can negotiate fully for the client rather than the supplier. Our interest is always with the client and our contract negotiation is strictly client focused.

At Corporate Energy and Renewables, we will take care of all your energy needs, the contract negotiation is only the beginning.

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