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Utility Services

New Permanent Building Supply Meters

Our Service to deliver you with new permanent building supply meters covers the following: 

  • Liaise with Distribution Network operators (DNO) to obtain quotes and new infrastructure plans for the electrical and gas connection

  • Assist with the management of the design, procurement and installation of all electricity and gas on new developments

  • Co-ordinate the DNO infrastructure works with the meter installation

  • Set Up Permanent Meter Operator Contracts (MOP)

  • Supply and Installation of all new electrical and gas meters

Our Meter Types include:

  • Commercial Electrical Meters

  • Commercial Gas Meters including Energy Centres

  • Landlords Meters

  • Domestic Apartment Meters


Corporate Energy and Renewables offer a complete one stop utility management service. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us to arrange a consultation meeting. 

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