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EV Enablement

Make a sustainable transport future a reality for your organisation. Our integrated package of charging infrastructure, on-site energy and software solutions can help you become a more sustainable business.


Business and public sector organisations are increasingly focused on the benefits of electric vehicles (EV). With many of our customers already making EV a reality, the time to unlock the environmental and financial benefits is now.

But there are complex problems to overcome; from having to deal with multiple vendors, to increased on-site power requirements, to the need for trusted driver apps.

EV Enablement brings together our expertise and technology to deliver an end-to-end solution to help organisations make the transition faster, simpler and more cost effective.

EV Enablement provides a solution for return-to-base fleet, at work charging and services at public sites, helping them make a practical contribution to reducing carbon emission.


What is EV Enablement?

EV Enablement solves the complex problems organisations face when implementing electric vehicles.

Single supplier for EV transition 

  • Strategic assistance for fleets, at-work charging, public spaces and car parks

  • Simplified access to all components required for EV installation and management 

  • Modular package design that adapts to your unique site requirements

  • Life-cycle infrastructure support; from charger procurement and on-site energy to optimisation services


End-to-end managed service 

  • Integrated strategy including project scope, design, installation, operation and maintenance

  • Financing for additional energy infrastructure to meet updated power requirements

  • Driver app and charge point utilisation software to ensure visibility of charge points

  • Ongoing operational support, including call centre and in-app functionality


Energy estate integration


EV Enablement is supported by our partners expert teams who work with your organisation to define and implement a plan of action that maximises value and delivers on your sustainability ambitions.


"The adoption of electric vehicles is no longer a question for tomorrow. For businesses, the transition to electric vehicles is now a big opportunity to become cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficient.


Corporate Energy and Renewables offer a complete one stop utility management service. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us to arrange a consultation meeting. 



Transport is now the largest source of emissions in the UK; accounting for 26% of carbon emissions; so the opportunity to make a practical contribution to the fight against climate change for business and public sector organisations is now. At the same time, transitioning to electric vehicles unlock ways to reduce cost, create new value and enhance your reputation.

Become a sustainable business

Electric vehicles are key to de-carbonising transport and improving air quality. Policymakers are taking more robust action to reduce emissions, enforced by global commitments, such as the Paris Agreement, that increasingly include financial penalties for organisations not achieving targets.

By demonstrating leadership in providing EV charging infrastructure and transitioning fleet vehicles to EV, businesses and public bodies can play a major role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and inspire wider EV adoption across society.

​Reduce costs across your energy estate

With the economies of scale of fleet management and falling technology prices for batteries, and charging infrastructure, the cost of EVs is reducing. Long term cost savings can be made by making the switch from petrol and diesel.

Electrifying transport also unlocks opportunities to integrate your EV infrastructure with renewable on-site distributed solutions such as solar and battery storage, which can further reduce energy costs and enhance sustainability across your entire estate.

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