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Energy Solutions Technology


Financing your energy ambitions.

Through our partners we can assist with your future Energy Ambitions, through bespoke tailored finance packages which are simple-to-understand with commercial options.

These financial packages can help you achieve your energy goals quicker without your need for CAPEX spend.

Financing Options

Discount Energy Purchase (DEP)

Create energy independence at zero capital cost.

Our DEP option is funded through our partners and delivered via a simple, transparent six page contract that includes ongoing operation and maintenance for a period of 7-15 years. All you need to pay is a fixed p/kWh unit rate (with indexation) for the electricity generated across the lifetime of the asset.

Energy Services Agreement (ESA)


Transform energy infrastructure without diverting capital.

Our ESA option enables upgrade or install multi-technology and service solutions funded by our partners or 3rd party finance. Benefit from a savings or availability guarantee (depending solution type) and pay a fixed unit rate or tariff across the assets lifetime; including operation and maintenance support.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA)

CAPEX-free environmentally friendly on-site generation.

Our SPPA option help organisation access immediate cost and carbon savings using solar on-site generation. Design, installation, operation and maintenance are delivered in a single contract, with cost predictability over the assets lifetime via a fixed p/kW rate (up to 25 years). Funding sourced from one of our financing partners.

Optional Ownership Agreement (OOA)

Progressively unlock more value for your business.

Our OOA option delivers immediate energy savings with the option of moving OPEX spend to CAPEX. Energy solutions are delivered through our DEP financing structure, but flexible by allowing you to buy into the project. The more money you invest, the lower your DEP (p/kWh) fixed rate. Post year one you can reassess your investment, and increase if you prefer, further reducing OPEX spend.

Flexible Term Agreement (FTA)

Immediate CHP energy savings with the option to exit after 3-5 years.

Our FTA option helps is designed to be a flexible DEP contract that adapts to your changing organisational strategy and needs. Savings are delivered from day one, supporting your implementation business case; with deeper savings being unlocked post year 3.


Corporate Energy and Renewables offer a complete one stop utility management service. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us to arrange a consultation meeting. 



  • A single contract includes your energy technology, ongoing maintenance and financing.

  • Zero CAPEX outlay with our funded options and maintain ongoing cost predictability via fixed rates.

  • Eliminate energy risk with responsibility for maintenance and availability retained by Centrica Business Solutions.

  • Retain control of commodity spend and supplier.

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