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Plotting a route on the journey to EV enablement (Part 1)

The success of the transition to an electrified transport infrastructure will depend on three critical factors. The first is the ability of vehicle manufacturers to meet demand, the second is access to safe, swift, reliable charging points and the third is meeting the additional power demand.

On the first point, so far so fairly bad. Auto Trader says a lack of availability of electric vehicles is sending prices rocketing, with electric car valuations growing 11 per cent, compared to just 1.5 per cent for the whole of the market.

Demand is growing fast, driven by a desire by both businesses and consumers to be more sustainable and to save money. Research carried out by Centrica has shown that more than 75 per cent of businesses are planning to introduce EVs into their fleets. The figure closely aligns with the number of consumers also considering EVs. According to Auto Trader, 71 per cent of car owners said they'd consider buying an electric vehicle as their next car, up from just 25 per cent two years ago.


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