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Office Equipment Energy Saving Tips

The best way to reduce your bills is to have your management team and staff to think about the energy they use. Here are some of the best tips we have found. Why not email this sheet rather than print it out to save energy?

Modern electrical devices use a great deal of electricity when in use and almost the same if they’re not turned off after use. Every office has desktops, laptops, computer screens and photocopiers which are not always in use.

Screen savers activate to save the screen being pixelated rather than saving power.

Therefore, it’s best to either place it in hibernation mode or close down the machine when you are away from your desk. Taking care only to have them on when required and looking for alternative products can save you thousands each year.

Here are our 4 top tips:

1. Replacing desktop with laptop computers saves around 90% in energy. It’s hard to believe, but the power generated by a desktop is up to 320 watts including the monitor, where laptops are at most 60 watts, with the lowest around 15. A high-end desktop used 8 hours per day costs around £140 (1) to run where a new laptop less than £7 per year (2).

2. Install inkjet printers rather than laser jet printers saves 90% in energy. Although these will save energy, the cost of cartridges is far greater in ink jet printers.

3. Switch off all equipment when not in use, for example, at night and at weekends rather than just leaving them on in “sleep” mode.

4. Never leave equipment on in standby mode, especially monitors and televisions. Some models consume almost the same amount of energy in standby as if they were completely switched on.

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