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How to keep on top of your company’s energy consumption during Covid-19

Now more than ever we all need to keep a calm head and ride out this wave together.

Energy usage at the moment is very different to how it was only weeks ago. For many organisations consumption could be falling and therefore estimated readings could be way more than actual usage. So now more than ever it’s important that energy and water invoice checking is continued. This is where bill verification comes in, a process Construction Utilities handles. Without CTP to manage and input accurate energy usage for your company, the amount you are charged could well be based on an estimate. At the moment with so many changes to the way companies are working and therefore a change to energy usage, if you rely on bill estimation you will be charged based on what you would normally use, likely leading to overcharging. Using CTP as your energy management company means we can track this, make sure your charges reflect your actual usage and help you navigate these uncertain times. Without this bill checking, errors could go unnoticed, leading to overcharging which will in turn affect your cash flow.


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