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Energy Saving on Lighting Offices, Shops and Factories

Many large office blocks seem to have all their lights on 24/7 which is unnecessary. Even if they’re using the latest energy efficiency lighting they are still consuming power.

Companies could install motion sensor type or PIR lighting for security purposes and have strategically placed lighting to deter burglars.

Having the lights on when there are no staff present is a waste of energy.

Here are energy saving lighting tips:

· Simply switch off lights when they’re not in use. Place reminder stickers near switches to help people remember.

· Replace standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs. These use up to 70% less energy and are now a lot cheaper than they used to be. They also look and feel like traditional bulbs and cast far brighter light. The modern versions light up faster, so there’s no excuse to keep buying the old type which are slowly being phased out.

· Fluorescent bulbs use about 10% less energy than traditional bulbs if you don’t want to use energy saving lighting.

· New higher frequency fluorescent bulbs have less flicker and a far longer lifespan.

· Consider installing motion sensors in places that are used less frequently, such as toilets, corridors and storage cupboards.

· Let the natural light flow into your office space, especially right next to any windows. Open the blinds, move high storage facilities and switch the lights off.

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