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Energy Saving on Heating and Cooling Your Premises

Heating and cooling premises can add a huge cost to your energy bills if left unmanaged.

Educating and encouraging your staff to have efficiency savings front of mind can bring additional benefits from cultural change. You have the choice of using electric or gas powered appliances which could greatly affect your consumption and costs.

Here are five ways to conserve power.

· Keep the premises at stable temperatures rather than having your systems having to heat and regularly cool.

· Keep external and internal doors shut at all times. If you operate a warehouse that’s in constant use consider having a well-insulated door between the internal and external spaces.

· Turn down any thermostats by one or two degrees. Most business premises need a stable temperature of around 20 degrees. Perhaps even consider disabling the thermostats so staff can’t make temperature changes themselves.

· Install timers so that the heating comes on at the right time in the morning and turns off during the night. During the winter months, you may want it to come on at a low temperature to make sure any water pipes don’t freeze up and subsequently burst.

· Make sure your windows and doors are draft proof so that cold air doesn’t come in or heat escapes.

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