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Case Study: Newydd Housing Association

Newydd was the first housing association in Wales to install a fuel cell combined heat and power system to cut energy bills, carbon emissions and allow for electricity to be produced on site for use by tenants.

BlueGEN Technology

This new technology has been installed at Alltwen, an independent living scheme for people aged 55 and above, using BlueGEN, a system where heat and electricity is provided using the same product. This has meant that gas is used to produce energy at the housing scheme providing financial as well as environmental benefits.

BlueGEN was the first product to apply this technology in the UK and receive feed in tariff. It generates electricity as efficiently as a large modern gas-fired power station but unlike a power station transmission losses are avoided and the heat that is generated can also be used, providing the most efficient method of using gas to create usable energy.

Fuel cell combined heat and power systems are well established, with many thousands of installations completed in Japan and Germany. However, it is a lot less well known in the UK.

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