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Benefits of micro-CHP

Generate electricity while making heat

When the micro-CHP is generating heat, the unit will also generate electricity to be used in your home (or exported).

Cut your carbon footprint

By generating electricity on-site, you could be saving carbon dioxide compared with using grid electricity and a standard heating boiler.

Easy installation

For the householder, there is very little difference between a micro-CHP installation and a standard boiler. If you already have a conventional boiler, then a micro-CHP unit should be able to replace it, as it’s roughly the same size. Check the installer is MCS-approved.

Standard maintenance

Servicing costs and maintenance should be similar to a standard boiler, although a specialist will be required.

Fuel cell combined heat and power systems are well established, with many thousands of installations completed in Japan and Germany. However, it is a lot less well known in the UK.

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